Northeast Missouri EAA Chapter 1212, Inc

Located at the Macon Fower Memorial Airport in Macon, Missouri.

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6:30PM on the first Tuesday of every month--

Our Board Meetings Starts at 6:00pm

6:30PM Great members and quests and enjoy Snack and/or a Meal -

Around 7:00PM Pledge of Allegiance - Then begin our monthly activity or program.

These change monthly - email

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Be our quests in our Chapter's Club-room located at the Macon Fower Memorial  Airport located at 1001 Patton Street, Macon, Missouri

 Macon Fower Airport in Macon, Missouri - Airport identifier K89 Unicom 122.8  Elevation 874  Paved  Runways 20      --   Runway 02 - (Right Pattern)




2017 & 2019 Projects: Are you interested in learning about building an airplane - engine rebuilds - Flight Simulator. - Come join us on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays at the Macon Airport.  Call our President to verify times and dates as this does change due to prior commitments.   See our progress below:


Started out on January  6th:  

Report from Our President: We had a great, but chilly, morning at K89.  Alan and I were joined by Nick, Al, and three very welcome guests.  We worked on Nick's Fisher Celebrity as well as the flight simulator.  The simulator proved a bit challenging to master when flying from the mouse and keyboard, but we'll be getting a proper yoke, throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals soon.

2017 Chapter ventured into new project: Building

One of our new members has a project he is looking for assistance on. We will call this venture Nick's Celebrity Fisher. We will enter new pictures on our progress.  Hope you enjoy this and you are always welcome to help in this very rewarding task.  In January 2017  Nick and some of the members brought the beginnings of his airplane to our club room along with the many pieces - We started out with two wings - a mess of little parts and drawing.  With a lot of help from many interested aviation enthusiast this is where the process has advanced thus far.  As you can see there is no age limit to getting involved.


 This Photo was taken April 2017


We are still working on Nick's Celebrity -  We will be looking at the covering of the wings with fabric which will be a great experience for any.  


Our Members section:   Restoring Aircraft  Finished.

 Alan Leonard's Air Coupe ---  Alan had this airplane in pieces at his farm.  The Chapter members   volunteered to give him some assistance in restoring it.  He loaded the wings and drug them to the Macon Fower Airport where he and others began the long tedious process of removing rivets for the interior inspection and repairs if needed. 

 On the right is the wing that members began working on their first work night February 15th 2010.  Pictured is Alan L, Tracy S, Wayne N, missing from photo Jim W and Ray S. This was the first night of many spent on the aircraft. In October it was reported that the plane took flight and Alan expressed his excitement with this restoration.

Update - Air Coupe was completed and has been an exciting new member of the Chapters aircraft.  Alan has also been working on another project that will be completed soon.  Come check out our Annual FlyIn's and see what new aircraft he has brought out of bone yards to brighten our skys.



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2019 Chapter Officers

 President: & Young Eagle Coordinator

John Brilhart 660.456.7401


Vice President & Eagle Flight Coordinator

Alan Leonard  573.823.0541



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